Rediscovering Journaling

January 12, 2018

If you guys caught last Friday’s post, you’ll know that one of my New Year goals is to make more time for journaling. I have always enjoyed writing and over the years, it has taken many forms.


When I was younger, it used to be about filling notebooks after notebooks with stories and poems that came to mind. And now that I am older, I write a blog. But, many a times, I miss the simple act of putting pen to paper and just scribbling away to my heart’s content (Can you see how my blog got its name?).


So, quite understandably, I love journaling. I just always have. I love making my journals look pretty and tumblr-like. I enjoy decorating it with illustrations and doodles. I love pretending that it’s somehow turned me into a mysterious person.


Sadly enough, like most things that make me happy, I can’t find any time for it. But, this year I have decided that I will make time. Because the world will never stop spinning. It’s on us to make time for things that really matter to us.



I picked up my journal last week to make good on my 2018 resolutions. And after a long period of doing everything digitally, I actually found it really difficult to get used to the idea of maintaining a physical journal again. My mind kept questioning its purpose –why did I have to waste time and effort on it? Can’t I just type out whatever I’m feeling?


But, then I reminded myself that Journaling, for me, is not a waste of time or effort. It does so much to help with my mental health – it’s like therapy. Being alone with my own thoughts and giving them an outlet allows me to empty my mind. It’s a form of decluttering my overcrowded mind space.


So, after having an internal monologue, I finally picked up the courage to journal again. And I have to say, I came to realize that I have really, really missed it. I had forgotten what it felt like. So, allow me to explain.


You know how with our rushed lives, we can sometimes get quite lonely? Especially if you’re living on your own, there may be times that you just need someone to talk to. Hear your own thoughts. Well, I have found that when this happens with me, writing it down in my journal can feel like talking to a friend.


It’s how I imagine vloggers must feel, talking to their cameras. Just an outlet where you can ramble on without having to explain yourself, or think twice before you open up about your emotions. And no one has to know what you’re saying, if you don’t want them to. Like I said, it can be quite therapeutic.



And so it is, that I’ve fallen in love with journaling again. I hope you guys liked reading this post. Tell me one thing you’re planning on picking up this year or want to start again if you’ve left it off.  


Here’s to doing more of things that we love. Let 2018 be your coolest year yet.


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