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November 14, 2017

Oh, look who's back! It's me.


After taking a small, unintended hiatus of almost two weeks, I really wanted to get back on here. I'm sure you guys can guess why I haven't been around as much. And yes, Work is the correct answer (As if I didn't mope about it enough in my last few posts).


Anyway, even though I really wanted to chat to you guys, I couldn't figure out what my post should be about. So, I thought I'd just do a reading update. I've been reading consistently for the major part of October and November, so, this should be fun.


I'm linking up with Top Ten Tuesday and the topic for this week is "Books I'd want my future kids to read". Let's be honest here, I'd want everyone to read these books, not just my kids. 




1. The Hate You Give 


Okay, so I have mixed feelings about The Hate You Give. On the one hand, I understand why it's an important book. It talks about "Black Lives Matter" and just for the sheer courage it must have taken to write this book, it deserves all the hype it's been getting.


On the other hand, it just didn't hit the mark for me. The first issue I have is that it felt a little young, for me. Now, I know that this is a YA book and as a 23-year old, I don't exactly fall in its targeted audience segment. But, seeing that I actually really enjoy reading YA, I had high expectations of loving this one too. I was disappointed to realize that I didn't really connect with the main character.  


Another sore point was the predictable plot. At every turn, I felt like I knew what was coming next. It felt like reading a story you already know all about. And yes, this book talks about something that happens with so many people in the real world. So, I know that the plot was bound to feel a little familiar. I was just expecting to enjoy reading about it, a lot more. 




So, I guess, I'd give it 3.5 stars, because I know it's a beautiful book with a very important message, but also, because it didn't make me feel super excited to pick it back up, once I'd put it down. 




2. Nevernight


I read this BEAUTIFUL book in October, after I finished reading The Hate You Give. And I'm so glad I finally got around to it, because man, CAN JAY KRISTOFF WRITE!! 


This book is filled with sassy commentary and witty banter and UNBELIEVABLE TWISTS. In fact, I may have eaten a whole box of Oreos while reading the final chapters because I WAS STRESSED, OKAY!!!


Now, I'll admit, it took me a while to get into the story. I knew from Bookstagram that people had lost their shit over it. So, it obviously was good (Spoiler alert: it was GLORIOUS). But, I couldn't seem to get into it for the first few pages. Again, Bookstagram reassured me that about 70 pages in, it would start doing its magic.


And what do you know, about 80 pages in, I was HOOKED. After that, I finished it in two days (I was at home, for Diwali break and had all the free time in the world). The ending was of course, brutal and I promptly ordered Godsgrave.




But not before, giving 5 bright and shining stars to Nevernight.





3. Godsgrave


Now the GREAT thing about being a bookworm, is that, at one point, you can be devouring a whole book in a single day and typing out reviews before you go to bed. And at another, you can be found struggling under the pressure of real-life, adult duties and not have any time for your howling TBR at all.




So, of course, i joined back office and had all my time taken away from me. And Godsgrave waited in my desk drawer waiting to be loved. Until last weekend, when I decided, I'd finish that behemoth, come what may.


Well, as you might have guessed, just last weekend, I wrecked myself over reading this GEM OF A BOOK and am in absolute AGONY!!! 


I NEEEEEDDD the third book to land in my lap right about now. Seriously, I'd even accept getting hit in the face with it, as long as it meant getting my hands on the THIRD BOOK.


Godsgrave takes sassy commentary and witty banter and UNBELIEVABLE TWISTS to another level altogether. I can't even talk about what was happening towards the end in this book. Like, you thought you knew the story after reading 300 pages??? Pfft. PREPARE TO HAVE EVERYTHING YOU KNOW BE THROWN UNDER THE BUS!!!!




That ending, though, you guys. I can't even deal. 5 stars and whole galaxies, to this amazing creation. 





4. Turtles All The Way Down


I did not expect to love this book as much as I do. I did not expect to encounter such raw writing and be so utterly touched by what John Green wants to convey. I wasn't prepared for the story he tells in TATWD and I don't think it's possible to be prepared.


This book is about mental health. Green talks about a character who suffers from OCD and anxiety and at her darkest points, just wants out of her life. It's also about love and family and loss. About finding what it means to be a friend.


About what it is like to watch your kid hurting. About wanting to reassure your mom that you're fine when you're really not. About accepting that you need help. 


I don't know what to say other than saying that this is a beautiful book. Green's writing is just EXQUISITE. And I'm so grateful that this book was written. It'll stay with me for a very long time and I'm sure I'll cherish it even more every time I read it. 




5 stars are not nearly enough. Turtles All The Way Down deserves the entire Universe. 


Have you read any of these books? Tell me which ones you liked and which ones you did not.


Also, leave a link to your TTT in the comments! I'd love to check out your posts.


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