5 Reasons Winter is the Best Season for Reading

October 27, 2017

Oh hey there!


In case you were wondering, I am well and alive and no, me missing Tuesday's post was not because a bus ran me over. It was because work ran me over.


I feel like it's gotten to the point where I am constantly moaning about what a pain-in-my-arse work is being.. but well, you would be too if YOU SPENT 11 HOURS IN OFFICE ON A MONDAY.


See what I'm dealing with here? I may actually have cried that night after getting back home. But for real though, you guys, I was EXHAUSTED. 


Anyway, let's talk about happier things, shall we?


Winter is coming! And yes, I'm sure those words in their original context were never spoken with a smile. But I'm very excited for colder temps. I do love summer and bright days, but when it comes to Fall and Winter time, my contentment is on another level. 


In addition to all the Hygge moments that Winter brings, you know what else we get to be happy about during this season? It being the ultimate season for reading!


Come on, don't fight me on this! Yes, reading is an all-year around activity (Of course, it is. Can you imagine not being able to read for a major chunk of the year? I'd rather be dead, to be honest). But, Winter definitely has the upper hand when it comes to providing the ideal setup for reading. Everything about it promotes the Reader Lifestyle. 


For anyone who still isn't convinced that winter really is the best season for a booknerd, I'm here for you, little bean. Fret not! You shall soon be shown the way. 



1. Minimal Human Interaction


Okay, probably shouldn't have started this list with something that is soon going to make me sound like a maniac. But, here goes. 


Do you know what is the biggest gift someone could ever give a bookworm? Yes, okay, apart from books (and all the other bookish goodies that we pine for). Time to read all those books. Time to conquer their TBR. Time alone to focus on solely their reading. 


Thanks to colder days and lower energy levels, Winter is the ~ PERFECT ~ season to catch up on all your reading. The days are too dull and dark for any other activity. Nobody wants to step out of their homes to go do anything. 


So, if I am, then, found hunkered down in my bed, wrapped in three layers of blankets, with a fat hardcover for company, there is nothing anyone would find wrong with that picture. No more judgement for wanting to read books all day every day, instead of doing whatever-it-is-that-society-accepts-a-lot-more-easily.


And for that reason alone, I may just have pledged my heart to Winter. 



2. Candles


Okay. OKAY.


I have an unhealthy obsession with candles. Pretty-looking ones, amazing-smelling ones, votives, mason jar styled, the ones that come in tins, the ones that come in bottles. JUST GIVE ME ALL THE CANDLES.   


And God save me, if they are bookish candles. Anyone who has a bookstagram will know about the many fantastic businesses that are doing book-themed candles, all over the world.


And would you guess the tragedy here? INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. I can never buy these precious little gems because giving up next month's rent for shipping charges is not fun.


Anyway, you might think twice about lighting a candle in the hotter months but guess what is perfectly okay to do in the Winter? Yep. Light a candle.


So, get cozy under a blanket with your favorite book, light your favorite candle, have a cup of coffee (or tea, whatever you fancyyy, dude) ready and get lost in a soul-satisfying reading session. 



3. Coffee


Reading and hot beverages go hand in hand. You can't have a proper sit-down reading experience, if you haven't got a cup of steaming drink by your side.


It can be tea or coffee or hot chocolate even.. but a good old mug of your favorite magical drink is 100% required while reading. I personally prefer Coffee and Winter is the perfect season to indulge in multiple mugs. How else am I supposed to warm my frozen soul??? Never mind that it cannot be warmed.  



4. Socks


I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who is obsessed with socks. I mean, have you seen the ADORABLE prints they come in??? What kind of a Neanderthal says no to wearing cute, fuzzy socks??? That's the real question here. 


It is just tragic that I don't get to wear thick, cozy socks for majority of the year. Living in a tropical country doesn't make it any easier on my poor heart. Winter is the only season in which I can wear my comfyy socks and over-sized jumpers and spend a beautiful evening, lost within the pages of a book.


That is what I call #WinningAtTheBookwormLife.



5. Fireplaces


I can’t think of anything cozier than reading a book by a crackling fire, all wrapped up in chunky blankets (Can you tell, I adore winter, yet?). Just sitting by a fire, on a chilly winter evening, is the ultimate therapy for me. It even manages to warm my cold, cold soul. AND YOU KNOW HOW BIG OF A DEAL THAT IS.  


Now, of course, summer makes it a tad bit impractical to light up a fire. So, don’t hold yourself back when winter rolls around and create a cozy nook for yourself by the fireplace.


Also, fun fact, TBRs are known to be dead scared of a big, comforting fire*. You’ll conquer yours before you realize it.


* I mean, that’s just general knowledge. If you didn’t know about this, you can 10/10 send me books as thanks for informing you. I also accept Amazon gift cards.




What is your favorite season for reading? And do you love Winter too? If so, what are some of the things that make it magical for you?


Also, what are guys planning to read during this winter? Let me know so I can add to my ever-growing TBR! Yes, I like to torture myself. 


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