Harry Potter and Magical Food | Top Ten Tuesday

October 17, 2017

Hello, you guys.


I’m doing another “Top Ten Tuesday” for today’s post. The prompt is “Books with Yummy Food” and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Like I’ve mentioned before, Diwali is coming up in another two days and I’m all about the delicious food right now (when are you not?). So, I’ve been looking forward to doing this post for quite some time.


Except for one little issue.


See, I was supposed to come up with 10 different books that feature amazing food. But, my mind couldn’t move past Harry Potter – the holy grail of drool-worthy recipes. So, I kinda only have one book for today’s post???



I mean, it's hard to move past all the yummy talk about Yorkshire Puddings and Butterbeers. Honestly, half the time I don't even know what dish Rowling is rambling on about, and yet, I'm like a child at the candy shop - I can't stop drooling. Harry Potter may actually be in part to blame for my teenage self, going around, feeling hungry all the time. 


So, well. I’ve decided to put a spin on today's TTT.


I’ll give you my favorite dishes from the Harry Potter Universe, instead of giving you 10 books with food in them. Now, I'm a vegetarian, so dishes such as Lamb Chops and Steak-and-Kidney Pie aren't as appealing to me. So, just beware if you're here for those!


Harry Potter with its quintessential Fall vibe is a treat onto itself. So, without further ado, let the madness begin!



Disclaimer : All pictures of Harry Potter dishes are from Buzzfeed and clicking on them will take you their article. 


1. Pumpkin Pasties


In real life, I'm not a fan of pumpkins. But, when I'm reading Harry Potter, I'm a pumpkin trash. Pumpkin pasties sound delicious AF and CAN I JUST HAVE ONE ALREADY?? Look at all this deliciousness. 


     2. Mashed Potatoes


Potatoes should be a food group of their own. They are my favorite thing to eat - roasted, fried, mashed, baked - however you name it.


Mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food for me and a Harry Potter feast must include this ~ fave ~ dish of mine.





3. Butterbeer


It's funny how I don't drink in real life. And, Butterbeer actually sounds disgusting, if you think about it. Butter in beer? Tell me that doesn't sound appalling. But, talk about this drink in the context of Harry Potter, and I'm all up for it. 




4. Treacle Tart


Not sure what Treacle is.. an animal? an insect? just a fancy British term? I don't know. But, more importantly I don't care.


It has breadcrumbs, lemon and golden syrup which doesn't sound like anything I've ever had.


But, you may have figured it out by now that when it comes to Harry Potter, I'm not one to shy away.  



5. Chocolate Gateau 


I have a bit of a sweet tooth (OKAY, OKAY FINE.. I HAVE A MAJOR SWEET TOOTH). So, give me all the Chocolate Cakeeee. I'd take it even if chocolate didn't help fight dementors. 



Which Harry Potter dish is your favorite? And let's not pretend you don't have one, because everyone likes Harry Potter. 


I know this post was on the shorter side. I'm finally home this week after a very long time and so, I hope you guys will understand me taking a little time off.


Also, I wish anyone who celebrates a very happy Diwali. I hope you guys have a great time! 


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