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September 23, 2017

Hi. Hello. Howdy.


How have you been? I hope you guys have had a beautiful week. 


I've been super busy these past couple of days and my mind has been all over the place. And just because I know how much you guys care about me, I'm gonna tell you everything that has been going on (Lol no. Sit down, Shanu. Your life isn't all that exciting).


*ignores that advice*


For starters, I've been heavily invested in the blog - rethinking what I want it to be about, figuring out my posting routine and brainstorming ideas for future posts. My poor soul has had to deal with a lot of confusion regarding various aspects of blogging. But, I really want to start doing it seriously. So, you know, it's been all ~ worth it ~


And the other thing that's taken up a chunk of my time is, of course, work. I've had a ton of sessions this week and I frequently stayed back late. So, guess how much time that left me for myself?


Zilch. Zero. Nada. (For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about... hello there, I'm a Software Engineer and that basically means, I have no life).


All in all, a tough week, for me.




Anywayy, let's talk about the title of this post. Here on the blog, I've decided to do a weekly catch-up of sorts. Every Saturday, I'll talk about how my week went and what my plans for the coming weekend look like. You guys are, of course, free to join in any time you want. 


The idea was inspired from this tag "Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts" that my fellow book blogger Christine at "Bookishly Boisterous" does.


She talks about what's going on in her life and any random thoughts she wants to share with her readers. I thought that was such a great way to personalize her blog a little!


I wanted to do something like this as well, because it gives us a chance to share a little bit about ourselves and bond with each other outside of books (though of course that's not necessary, seeing that bookish friends are the best kind, but still.. work with me here).


So, I hope you guys will enjoy reading a little, week-size recap of my life. I really hope you'll join in on the fun and leave a little comment sharing anything that strikes your fancy!




  • Lost my body and soul to work

  • Gave away what was left of me to my blog, aka, my child

  • Cooked and ate some really yummy Pulao (#Selflove)

  • Watched 189450238243 YouTube videos

  • Stalked my favorite Blogs

  • Binge watched Game of Thrones

  • Spent a shit load of time on Quora, reading about Game of Thrones

  • Complained about it raining day and night

  • Craved a Chocolate Oreo Frappe from McDonald's

  • Told myself that I was all about being healthy now

  • Told myself to shut up

  • Enjoyed a glorious Frappe

  • Got drenched on my way to work

  • Mumbled curses at the dark, weeping skies

  • Functioned on teeny amount of sleep

  • Paid an exorbitant amount of cab fare for my Uber ride (#rainydayproblems) 


  • Did not stop binge watching another 45689209 YouTube video

  • Found a new respect for crappy Coffee

  • Vowed to myself to rant about all of it on my blog


Woah.. would you look at that! It's been some week for me! Here's hoping you had a far better week than mine.



Your turn to spill, humans! Whether good or bad, don't hold yourself back! Rant till your heart's content!


Also, have you guys tried Chocolate Oreo Frappe from McD?  No? Well, get on with it, people! Whatcha waiting for! 


P.S. In case you were wondering, I'm not being sponsored by McDonald's (LOL, nobody is crazy enough to think that.. get off that high horse you're on, Shanu). 

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