Book Review : "When We Collided" by Emery Lord

September 26, 2016

I finished this book last week but couldn't find the time to write a review. Work takes up so much of my time these days, guys. I hate that I don't have time to do things that interest me - like read all day, take pictures of books, and of course, paint. You can check out my #Bookstagram if you would like to see some of these photos! Anyway, I digress.




This review has potential spoilers and though they will be nothing major, you can click onto another page if you wish.


Brief Background:


"When We Collided" by Emery Lord falls under the genre of "Contemporary". The story is about a girl called Vivi Alexander and a boy called Jonah Daniels. Vivi has moved recently to a small town called Verona Cove and loves the place. She is committed to seeing the beauty in everything and finding things to be happy about. Jonah is a townie of Verona Cove and has been struggling with life ever since he lost his father six months ago. He has six siblings and a grieving mother to care of  while dealing with his own pain.


They meet at a place that offers painting and craft lessons. Vivi is working there as an instructor and Jonah stops by one day to drop off his younger sister. They instantly feel attracted to one another and before long, have become friends. But, underneath the deceiving exterior, both Vivi and Jonah are battling with burdens that no teenager should ever have to face. The story is written in a way that alternates between both their perspectives.


My Thoughts:


I enjoyed reading this book although at times, the writing style felt more suited to teenagers. Which is fair, because it is a YA novel, after all. I just sometimes felt like it could go a little faster. The plot itself is interesting - Vivi actually deals with bipolar disorder and I feel like, anybody who attempts to write about such sensitive topics must be praised for their efforts.


The characters are well-written; the dual POV helps in connecting with both the leads. There are times that I want to chuck Vivi  with the book itself - she does some truly annoying things. But, those incidents also have a purpose - they show what this medical condition can do to people. Vivi is only a teenager, I remind myself, even as I itch to slap her across the face - a teenager who is allowed her fair share of mistakes.


For Jonah, I only feel sympathy. Fate has dealt him a cruel card and there is so much he has lost. I can't even imagine what that situation must be like to go through. He has not only lost his dad but also his mom, in a way - she is only a shell of a person that she used to be, engulfed in her own grief. This has left the six kids to take care of themselves and bereft of both their parents - albeit in different ways - they could use the sunshine that Vivi brings to their life.


Though I guess most of the targeted audience would enjoy reading quite a lot, for me, it will be a one-time read. Yes, I liked the story and had a decent time while reading it. But, I most likely wouldn't pick it up a second time. That is just my personal opinion - so don’t take it to heart! This book deserves a chance and if you don't mind a bit of a slow read, you must give it a try!


My Rating:


I give this book 3/5 stars! It makes for a good choice as something to pick in between hefty reads - it is light enough. Depending on your reading speed, it may be a quick one too. Consider it if you are looking for something to fill your time or to turn your mood!

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