I made a Bookstagram?!?

June 27, 2016

If there's anything that I'm more obsessed with than books and reading, it has to be Instagram! I could spend (and frequently do) hours and hours just scrolling through Instagram and I wouldn’t want anything else. So, I decided to combine the two things that I'm so passionate about into one and voila! My Bookstagram was born!


Here are some of the photos I have posted!


My Bookstagram account is basically an Instagram account for books. Here, I post pictures of books and other related things. Now, if you're already aware of the amazing world of Bookstagram, then you can easily understand why it has me hooked. But, if you are hearing the very word for the first time, then allow me to explain the charm.


First of all, the talent of some of these accounts is mind-boggling. They take such beautiful pictures you could stare at them for hours (which is what I do). Second, the moment you look at a picture that is from one of these amazing accounts, you'll know that these people love what they do a 100% percent. You'll understand that this is what they enjoy the most and what makes them truly happy. Nobody can do something for so long if they didn't like it with all their heart.


Each account has a unique theme of their own and it truly reflects their owner's personality. Some may have a rustic theme while others may go for a more summery vibe.


The best part of it all is that the bookstagram community is full of some of the kindest and most helpful people you'll ever meet. They are always willing to talk about books and coffee and other  ~ nerdy ~ things.  They are also forever there to help you out with questions about bookstagram and book photography.


Also, it is so fun to participate in all the monthly challenges and giveaways! You never feel like you're alone in this. The bookstagram community is truly so accepting and giving, it amazes me every single time. I always have something to look forward to here, whether it is a kind comment left by a fellow bookstagrammar or a challenge somebody tagged you in.


 I am having such a great time on this new adventure. And though I may not have the biggest or the most beautiful account and I do have a very long way to go, I am loving every minute of the learning curve. If any of you would like to follow my journey there, you're welcome to check out my account - www.instagram.com/anerdyaffair


Have a great time!

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