Talk nerdy to me || E-Readers vs. Physical Books

May 11, 2016

Okay, so for somebody who knows me really well, this question is a no-brainer. But, most of you guys reading this don't know me well enough. Which is why, I thought I'd correct that.


I'm sure everybody knows the considerable benefits of e-readers. They are super portable, highly customizable  and extremely versatile. You can carry thousands of books in one single package without spraining your arms. And for bookworms, what could be better than having an entire library's worth of books on their person at all times?!? Also, they come in so many configurations and designs! Half the fun is in making them look super cool and pretty, given the insanely beautiful covers available in the market.


And while I do enjoy the endless Instagram opportunities that a pretty-looking e-reader provides and can watch the Kindle advertisements on repeat for at least ten times without losing my mind, there is just something about real, physical books that is infinitely more compelling to me. And I'm sure I'm not alone in this.



Many of you must know what I'm talking about - that feeling you get when you open a brand-new book and take in the smell of those creamy pages. Or when you flip open a beloved old read and smell the aroma of pressed letters. I'm talking about that moment when you step inside a bookstore and look at all the tall shelves, filled with works of great minds - aisles after aisles waiting for you to discover your next read. I'd be lying if I said that that view isn't a piece of heaven.


I'm one of those people for whom reading a book is not mere reading, it's an experience. And like any other memorable experience, you need all your senses engaged. For instance, when I'm lost in the pages of a book, I'm not just tasting the words on my tongue - I'm also taking in the texture of the pages and the rustling sound of those pages being flipped. My mind isn't just immersed in the story; it is swimming with the richness of the vanilla-like fragrance emanating from the sheets. My hands aren't just holding the book; they are acutely aware of whether I'm holding a paperback, a hardcover or a leather-bound read. All of it - the texture, the smell, the sound - becomes a part of the story I'm reading. Which is why each book I read is a very different experience from any other I may have read before. And this experience for me, is as important as, if not more, the book itself.


Now, with e-readers, all of the things that make reading so magical for me, are lost. Yes, I'd love reading a book on an e-reader as much as I'd love reading its physical copy; I'd recommend it just as much. But, I'm sure that those two experiences for me would be very different and I'd enjoy one a lot more than the other.


Also, side note,  I'm such a sucker for hardcover books that I often look for the hardcover version instead of the paperbacks. Which isn't very wise because the paperbacks are much cheaper usually and you could literally read the same story for way less. And use the saved bucks to buy another great read. But, like I said, for me, it's about the experience as well. I don't know what difference a hard-bound book would make, except it does. Do you see the problem, dear reader?!?


Anyway, so that's how it is for me. I have lots of friends who couldn't care less about all these factors as long as they have the book they want to read. They aren't bothered about the edition, the version or any other aspects I so deeply am affected by. They don't treat their books as prized possessions or little babies. I, on the other hand, answer to a different tune.


I'd love to know how you guys feel about it all. Let me know which medium is your go-to and why. Happy reading anyhoo!

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