What I'm reading over Diwali break

October 13, 2017

By the time this post goes live, I will be on my way home.


Next week is Diwali, a major festival here in India, and I’ve taken a week off work to visit my family and celebrate this festival with them.


It’s kind of depressing to think that my “Diwali break” isn’t much of a break, in the sense school or college used to have “Diwali breaks”. But, I’m not here to ramble about that.


I’m here, in fact, to ramble about the books I’m planning to read while I’m chilling at home, stuffing my face with yummy food.


Before I start, let me just preface this by mentioning that, this entire week, I’ve survived on six hours or less of sleep each night and like the cherry on top of a cake (or ice cream.. or doughnut, or I don’t know, a cucumber.. you do you, dude.. I don’t even like cherries), work has been brutal.


Apologies, in case my thoughts seem to be extra incoherent today.




So, yes, you wanted to know what books I’m carrying with me to read over the next week. Maybe you’re thinking I shouldn’t carry any, because I’m tired and work never lets up and I finally have a week off and Diwali is going to be a lot of work in itself and what am I even thinking and DID I MENTION I’M EXHAUSTED???


Or maybe you’re thinking, there’s nothing unnatural about carrying books to read over a short break because we are bookworms and THIS IS LITERALLY WHAT WE DO AND ARE YOU TRYING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT READING BOOKS???  


OR MAYBE you’re just thinking, get a move on and mention the damn books already, Shanu. Why you making us wait, bitch?


Well. Let me answer these propositions you just put forth, okay? #HelpfulAF


Yes, I know I should just zone out and eat my body weight in sweets this next week and thanks for suggesting that, friends and of course, I agree (Literally no one told you this?? You’re alone at a desk rubbing your bleary eyes and trying to figure out how typing works.. who are these friends??).


And yes, of course I am a bookworm and reading books is not what I’m complaining about. It’s my job that I’m up in arms against.


And ahem, I’ll give you the list of books now. Thanks for bearing with me. #YesITalkToMyself #ThatIsHowBloggingWorks #right?


Let’s get started, shall we?


1. The Hate U Give


This is what I’m currently reading. It’s quite a big book – 444 pages, in all. And okay, to be fair, I have read so many other far bigger books. But, the reason why it feels like this has taken me too long to finish is because I have had no time recently to pick it up.


I don’t have much left to go - exactly 164 pages remaining. And with a long flight coming up, I’m looking forward to enjoying this in peace. So far, I really like it. The reviews were obviously spot-on with this one!





2. Nevernight


Oh, you glorious gem of a book! I’ve been waiting to read it for SO SO LONG that I couldn’t resist taking this with me as well. I know it’s quite a big one and maybe my goal to finish it on this break will not be successful. But, I’m gonna give it a try.


Also, the sequel is already out for this one. Do you know what that means? IT MEANS NO MORE "DYING WHILE WAITING FOR THE NEXT BOOK" PHASE FOR ME!! And I know I'm going to love this book. I just know.





And that’s it! I’m only carrying two books with me because they are both pretty big. Between Diwali and being home after so long, I really don’t think I’ll be able to fit in another one onto my reading list.


But, I’m happy with this selection. Both of these titles are on my Fall Reading List this year (you’ll know if you read this post) and I’m really excited that I might just get to finally cross them off!



What is your #currentlyreading, humans? And did you make a Fall TBR? If yes, then how's that going?

And also, what festivals or holidays are you looking forward to? I know Halloween is a big one for most of you. But I'm curious if there's any others that I don't know about!



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