Oh hello there!


I am Shanu, a 23 year old, who lives in India and loves paperbacks (also, hardbacks, because books are bae). A software engineer by day and a book-devourer all the time, I sometimes also blog.


Welcome to my Internet home. Now that you're here, I hope you'll pull up a chair and stay a while!


"Scribbles on a Screen" is about all the myriad tangents my mind decides to pursue - mostly it is books, but occasionally it could also be about a movie I watched or some place I visited.

My Blogging Schedule:

New posts will be up every Tuesday and Friday at 5:00 p.m. (IST).


Oh and if you read and like one of my posts, please leave a comment, so I feel happy and encouraged (You'd want that, wouldn't you? You're a good human being, after all).


Hope to see you guys around!  

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